Great Sites for Gifted Kids Jr.

My last post had links to sites for more advanced students, so this one contains sites for younger/less advanced users. Technology:

MIT has created a beginning programming site where kids can drag and drop commands to write programs that manipulate cartoon characters.


Fun games, interactive experiments, and learning for kids who love science.


Contains lessons on how to draw all sorts of animals in a step-by-step process. This is great for those perfectionists who want their porcupine to look like a real porcupine when they've finished drawing it.


This site has lots of interactive games to learn about the history of ancient to modern people around the world.

Fun site to learn about US History, coins, and money system through interactive games.

Writing and Reading:

Has lots of story starters for young writers and finished stories can be published on this site.

This site contains many games and templates for exploring literature, creating books, writing stories, and organizing your thougts.


Melanie Hayes