I would like to thank Lisa for giving me a “Blog With Substance Award” on her blog, “The Joy of Learning.” It’s so nice to know that she feels my blog has worthwhile content. I am motivated to write this blog because I see these unique kids (including my own) and their parents (including my husband and I) struggling to figure it out on a day to day basis and I want to help if I can. Per Lisa’s request, I know of several other blogs that I would consider substantial:

Math Momma Writes at (fabulous blog for playing with math)

Little Homestead in the City at (for all us dreamers)

A Year of Slow Cooking at (great crockpot recipes for busy families)

Urban Chicken at (yippee for pet chickens)

Orangette at (wonderful cooking/foodie blog)

Eepybird at (coke and mentos fun!)

Hobart Shakespeareans at (wonderful teacher who really gets it)

Mysterious Benedict Society at

In My Kitchen Garden at

That’s all my favorite blogs that I can think of right now. Hope you enjoy them too.