Shame on you, Ann Coulter

Shame, shame, shame on you Ann Coulter. You are a typical, cowardly cyber bully. You would never have said those words in person or on camera, yet the R-word just rolled off your tweet as if it didn't matter. Your hate was so beautifully deflected by John Franklin Stephens' response. I admire his gentle love for someone as misdirected as you, but I am not a big enough person to so easily forgive. I wish I could magically make you walk a mile in someone else's shoes. I have to watch my son, and the clients I serve, deal with this kind of mean-spirited, cruel, and downright offensive attitude way too often. Why do you think you have the right to use a word like "retard" in a demeaning way? Are you such a paragon of virtue that you can judge others? I look at what you have contributed to the world, compared to what someone like John has contributed, and you just don't measure up in any significant way.

Unfortunately, your public scorn does have an effect. Many of us are working to eradicate bullying, and you just undid the work of thousands of decent people with your thoughtless tweet. It is a pervasive attitude, I see it every day. I was driving through Berkeley the other day and saw three middle school-aged boys spitting on a homeless man who was lying in the bushes. They were laughing at his struggle to get up and out of their way. We are creating a culture which lacks empathy. It will come back to haunt us.

Thank you John, for standing up to bullies, for lighting the way with your joyful, classy approach to life. You are a role model I would be honored to have my children emulate.